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Bird Flu found in Suffolk

On 8th December 2021, bird flu (H5N1 avian influenza) was confirmed near Sudbury in Suffolk. This is not linked to human Covid 19. A 3km protection zone is put in place around the bird flu area, and also a 10km surveillance zone. This brings the total current cases in England to about 33 premises. Birds are culled and there are severe restrictions on movement of poultry meat and eggs from the premises. Co-op and Sainsbury supermarkets in Sudbury seem to fall within the control zones. However, generally, the restrictions don't seem to apply to meat on the shelves

Previously, on 3rd Nov 2021, the whole of the UK has been declared an Avian Flu Prevention Zone until further notified by the Government. This is due to recent spread of the disease in various parts of the country.

Avian Flu kills wild and domestic birds. The Government wants people to follow the guidance on their website. The guidance says that avian flu is very low risk to human health, and very low risk to human food safety .

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