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Bird Flu not flown

On the 11th November 2020 in response to cases of bird flu H5N8, the Government declared the whole of the UK an Avian Influenza protection zone. The disease is high risk to poultry and wild birds but low risk to humans. Bird flu is a notifiable disease and can result in whole stocks of poultry having to be culled.

As at 3rd December 2020, there are now 7 reported cases of bird flu across the country in poultry rearing premises. Each premises has an exclusion zone. As part of Surveillance, H5N8 bird flu has been found in wild birds in multiple other locations including Stroud, Dawlish, Weymouth, Ormskirk, Boston, Poole, Godmanchester, Rochford,Oxford, Godalming, March, Nuneaton, Berwick, Ulverston and Blackpool. Most cases are in Geese and Swans.

NHS advice is not to touch dead birds. Suspected cases should be reported to Defra 03459 33 55 77

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