• kevin cross

Check your Chrome - Zero Day

Browsers need to be up to date to reduce chances of hacking etc. If you use Google Chrome internet Browser, then you can go to Chrome settings, and then search Chrome settings for "About". Hopefully you will find your version on your device. The latest version seems to be number 89.0.4389.72. If you find something different, then try searching the Chrome settings for "update" and follow any instructions. Multiple tech sources online report that this is a "zero day" threat which means that hackers already know about vulnerabilities before this update, and how to take advantage. So check that your browser is updated as soon as possible. This worked for me on my desktop and laptop running Linux Mint 20.1. On 2 Chromebooks which use Chrome as their operating system that I use, I noticed that the latest version is 88.0.4324.208.

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