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East Suffolk Cabinet 6.30pm 5th April 2022

Updated: Apr 10

Item 5: Long term empty homes. Proposing to have a 3yr contract to have an officer dedicated to bringing empty homes (not council owned) brought back in to occupation. Generally, there is no statutory requirement for the council to deal with empty homes Envisaged that 25 to 30 homes pa might be bought back reducing the 280 empty homes down to to 170 over 3 yrs . This would be dome either by persuasion or purchase or by Council order if appropriate . Seen as a postive step towards addressing housing crisis. Up to 4x Council Tax can be charged for homes that stay empty.

Recommendation that cabinet approve the 3yr empty home programme.

Result: Unanimously approved.

Item 6. Acceptance of funds from Suffolk County Council: This is for Management of holiday and activity fund. The fund supports low income families and children on free school meals and also promotes a healthy lifestyle and improves life chances. This funding runs for 3yrs. Figures are available to District Councillors for each community partnership area as to numbers of children who this might help.

Leader says that if Towns & parishes want to get involved they would be £522k

(of which 36k is staffing)

Result: Funding unanimously accepted .

Item 7. Sustainable Construction Supplementary Planning Document. Local Plans has areas dedicated to address climate change / low carbon future but these have become out of date so a steering group has come up with a new supplementary planning document. SPD provides guidance as to policy implementation. It embeds environmental considerations into policy and It will become a material planning consideration.

Result: SPD is adopted (with powers to ammend before publication). Unanimous.

Example of requirements:

new builds of over 10 properties must comply with 110litres water per person per day standard.

Appendix A .In June 2022 , Building regs (future homes standards) will mean that domestic heating systems which predominantly use gas or oil are unlikely to perform well enough to pass building control s. This means that renewable energy generation such as solar panels and ground / air source heat pumps are likely to be required.

Item 8. Changes to financial procedure rules. to simplify guidelines, enhanced accountability especially capital programme and other aspects.

Recommendation: Proposed changes to go to full Council for approval on 25th May 2022.

Unanimous vote for matter to go to full council.

Item 9. Quarterly update to Environment Task Group: Task group is a cross party group looking at all things environmental. Small changes in behaviour by everyone makes a big difference over time. Cabinet votes to have this committee continue it';s task.

Further parts of the meeting were not open to public view . They are business and financial matters. These are in relation to:

  • Oulton Broad Yacht Station and The Boulevard, The Crescent and part of The Nicholas Everitt Trust Car Parks

  • Freeport East Full Business Case

  • Sale of Land between 2 - 3 Glebe Cottages, Homersfield

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