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ESC meeting 23 Feb 2022

At 6.30pm Wed 23 Feb 2022 East Suffolk Council held a meeting of the full council at their Lowestoft (Canning Rd) HQ. This includes the setting of a budget.

Agenda: Agenda link for the meeting.

Tape time 5mins 30s : Cllr Peter Byatt replaces Cllr Keith Patience on East Suffolk Internal Drainage board.

Tape Time 6mins 20s: Lowestoft recycling centre services restarted after recent storm. Ransomes recycling centre soon to be back in service. Free public Wi fi services in various town public spaces soon to be available.

Tape time 8min 56s: Response to member of public question re noise & speeding Kessingland bypass & gateway retail park. Answer is that police are aware. Public space protection order considered. Plain clothes patrols. Community Protection notice prepared. Sec 59 siezures.

Tape time 12mins 00s: Southwold Ward - Small business grants fund was available March - Sept 2020. Grants of 10k or 25k based on rateable value were avialable. 251 of 361 eligible grants were paid (non declined) totalling £2.75million. Nov 20 - May 2021 local restrictions support grants, and restart grant: 204 grants of 374 eligible holiday let businesses paid totally £3.63million. Other grants statistics not yet available.

Tape time 17mins.00s: Green Lib Dems political points & counter by Conservatives.

Tape time 29mins. 00s: 8a.Motion submitted by Cllr Smith-Lyte (Melton Ward -Green) to "Ask officers to put together a business case costing a small agroforestry pilot on a suitable pieceof ESC-owned forested land, with crops to be selected based on what would best suit the biome of the site".

TT 41mins 50s. Voted 14 for , 26 against .Motion 8a failed.

TT 42mins 50s 8b Motion submitted by Cllr Beavan (Southwold Ward - Lib Dem) to "Ask each Community Partnership to recommend possible green investments in their area, up to a total worth of £1m for each Community Partnership area, to be investigated by officers. Business cases for suitable investments will then be prepared for consideration by Cabinet and the Audit& Governance Committee at its next Treasury Management Investment Strategy for 2023/24". There are 8 community partnerships in East Suffolk so Cllr Beavan is asking for up to £8million from East Suffolk Council Taxpayers. Cllr Cook points out that Southwold Ward alone is already getting £14million over next 4yrs with harbour improvements etc. ESC loans money to Gt Yarmouth.

TT 55mins 30s Cllr Brooks says report on EV charging points in car parks coming soon.

TT 1hr 14mins 25s Voting. Motion 8b turned down.

TT 1hr 15min 10s. 8c Motion submitted by Cllr Peter Byatt (Kirkley & Pakefield - Lab). This Labour Councillor asks his Conservative lead Council to: "Write a letter of support to (Conservative) Peter Aldous MP, stating that the issue of the parties at 10 Downing Street during the pandemic should no longer be a distraction for the Government when it should be facing the various serious challenges such as a cost-of-living crisis, economic recovery from the pandemic and a deep loss of trust and faith in our democratic institutions, all matters that have consequences for this Council. Also, following the admirable stance of their colleague, Peter Aldous MP, write further letters to the other two MPs in East Suffolk, Therese Coffey and Dan Poulter, urging them to write their own letters to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee of Backbench Conservative MPs, stating that they similarly have no confidence in the Prime Minister and request that he resign"

TT 1hr 32min 12s. Cllr Goldson (Cons Halesworth) expressing incredulity that conversations are about a party when there are other more pressing matters such as Ukraine conflict.

TT 1hr 35min 20s Voting: Motion 8c failed .

TT 1hr 36min 45s. General Fund Budget & Council Tax report 22/23 ES/1049. Cllr Cook (Framlingham Conservative) is the Cabinet Member with responsibility for Resources. He said there were no significant changes to gov grants for the coming year. Appendix E covers Council Tax. The income from the sale of the former Suffolk Coastal HQ will eventually be listed as a capital reciept.

TT 1hr 50min 15s Cllr Gallant (E Felixstowe - Conservative) says the sale of the Suffolk Coastal HQ site is progressing well.

TT 1hr 55min 10s Cllr Topping (Beccles & Worlingham - Green) says that Council Tax should have been raised last year but the Green Lib Dems will not oppose this budget. Cllr Beavan agrees.

TT 1hr 57min 20s Cllr Peter Byatt (Pakefield Labour) wants more building of Council Houses for the 4000 applicants on Gateway scheme. Laments the loss of 30 houses a year and wants campaign against right to buy. Local authority company and freeport East may provide income for ESC. Supports Council Tax increase.

TT 2hrs 6min 00s. Cllr Deacon (W Felixstowe Labour) Reminds Green Lib dem group that the group supported non-increase of last year Council Tax and that his electors were grateful.

TT 2hrs 9min 00s Cllr Gallant says that they aspire to build quality housing in numbers. It is a matter of balance.

TT 2hrs 14min 00s: Unanimous vote in favour on acceptance of Budget inc Council Tax.

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