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Tony Goldson's year round road safety.

Updated: Mar 26

You may recall that it wasn't so long ago ago that we had a bit of snow. As part of the County Council budget, Cllr Tony Goldson has funded the purchase of a large number of Grit Bins in Towns and Villages within his County Division. He has also purchased shovels and fluorescent jackets for volunteers who spread the grit salt at junctions and footpaths (free of charges or tax). Volunteers should close the lid after use. Otherwise the salt becomes a single solid block. Grit Bins are usually located near to the place where they are intended to be used : ie junctions and footpaths particularly on a slope. Please try not to use it for private driveways as high demand sometimes causes delay in resupply and might make junctions slippery. Suffolk County Council Highways supplies and refills the rock salt / grit.

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