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Green fracking allowed

In the UK, the British Geological survey records earthquake activity. The records including instances where evidence shows this to have been induced by human activity (eg fracking). Recent records (5th and 9th March 2022) show such activity near Bodelva in Cornwall.

As can be seen, the comments are that the human activity is "Geothermal". A quick look on Google maps shows that Bodelva is very close to the Eden Project. The Eden project website says that they are currently constructing a sustainable geothermal energy plant.

The British Geological Survey notes some comments made by people who experienced earthquakes . In relation to the Eden Project Geothermal construction for example . This was listed as magnitude 1.7. People said it sounded like bad thunder , and a moderate rumbling sound.

The Eden Project is open to public 10 - 3pm . You have to book to visit and tickets are around £30 for an adult all day ticket , and around £10 for child up to 16yrs.

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