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Roadworks Southwold

Residents and visitors might notice roadworks in important areas of the town today, There are traffic lights in Station Road for several days of maintenance works. These are likely to cause delays during peak times. On Wed 6th October, work continued with restoring the road surface. The whole job is expected to be completed by Friday 8th October.

Work on a gas supply pipe is scheduled to commence this morning 6th October in Ferry Road. This is being carried out by Cadent who are the main contractors for the gas network. Interestingly, it looks like the supply pipe is on the opposite side of the road to the properties. This might make for delays when larger lorries wish to deliver aggregate to the Harbour, or to turn around at the Harbour.

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Wrentham Wangford and Frostenden Roadworks

Cadent gas network contractors are continuing with major works at the A12 border Wangford and Frostenden. These will cause delays at peak times and there are traffic controls in place.

Meanwhile Guildhall lane in Wrentham the road has been dug up causing a partial obstruction which means there are traffic lights to contend with.

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