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Landlines on the way out.

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

By 2025 there will be only #internet. The landline calls that you make will no longer be made over the older PSTN (public switched telephone network). Instead, you will only be able to place a call over the internet on a digital system called VOIP (voice over internet protocol). So prepare to throw away your old landline phone. Everyone will need a broadband router in to which you will plug your new #VOIP phone. Another way of doing it is to simply have an App on your computer or device which does the same job. Examples of current VOIP Apps are #Zoom, and #Microsoft Teams. Zoom to Zoom and Teams to Team etc is already free. You will also be able to call all current landline numbers using a paid service (similar to what Skype already does).

If you are a business, then this may have significant implications . A google search shows there are many providers now are offering “hosted voice” , “unified communications” or “business broadband & voip” services. You can also head over to Ofcoms recent newsletter which outlined what is happening.

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