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Virtual reality ideas - dementia therapy project

Some care homes already show archive films to care home residents. These help residents with dementia recall and access positive memories. This experience compliments the day to day support which is on offer. An exciting new initiative being launched by Suffolk County Council will add virtual reality headsets and equipment to this. The intention is to produce a range of Suffolk based films that people can enjoy and experience in the comfort of their care setting. To see the sort of thing that the team has in mind, you can head over to ImmersiCare.

Suffolk County Council would like to hear from people who have ideas about what kinds of films and experiences they may like to see produced. Examples might be a seaside trip, or maybe footage of a historic moment. The project team would also like to hear from care providers and service users who may be interested in helping to trial the technology.

Contacts at Suffolk County Council are:, and, and

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