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We love batteries and Nuclear

Updated: May 17, 2021

A Renault zoe or Nissan Leaf has a battery about of capacity 40kWh (kilowatt hours).

6hrs charging at 7kw every hour will be more than enough: 6 x 7 = 42kWh)

Price per kWh is about 10p so 42 x 10p = £4.20 per overnight charge.

Number of cars in the UK at the end of 2019 was about 32Million cars.

So that could mean 7kw x 32Million cars = 224Million Kilowatts every hour - which is 224 Gigawatts per hour.

As far as I can see from National Grid, we generate under 30 Gigawatts . seems a bit short of the of the 224 Gigawatts required?

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