Common Sense Conservatives

Environmental action as we stay sharp on the economy

The Conservative party is very much a party of the environment.  It has thought about the issues and is taking positive, realistic and achievable actions.  To do this in a responsible way means maintaining a healthy economy at the same time as achieving our environmental goals.

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The Bailey Bridge links Walberswick & Southwold.  The swift and necessary repairs maintained an important link for local  tourism and local business.  It is a footbridge which is used of by pedestrians and cyclists and helps encourage exercise and the enjoyment of the countryside. In our area, it is the Conservative run council that got the job done on time and within budget.

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Greens want to give 16yr olds a vote.  They want political parties to report the race and gender of their candidates.  They would protect the BBC and retain TV licence system. They will scrap the Home Office which they regard as hostile to minorities, and instead have a Ministry of Sanctuary with full regard to needs of diverse communities.

Ban Government sale of arms

Examples of problems with these Green Policies

16yr olds might be considered juvenile and lacking wisdom. The Greens divisive policy seeks to separate us all along racial and regional lines (eg Cornish assembly). BBC abuse the taxpayer funded licence by taking a left wing political stance and are wasteful of public funds.  The emphasis should be on the needs of British citizens of all races & creeds and should not favour any group because of their origin or skin colour.  There is nothing wrong with selling arms to sovereign friendly nations . 

Green Party wants to rejoin Europe, and  have no borders so as to allow migrants uncontrolled entry in to UK.  They have ignored Europe making a mess of vaccines, being dominated by Germany,, and their finance ministers are hamstrung by being chained to the Euro, No one ever knew their euro mp.​

Greens want to abolish the Ministry of defence , ban all nuclear (energy and arms) and ban fishing & shooting,  

Quality of life guarentee


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